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Archive for January, 2012

Listen up, guys and girls – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the perfect outfit may take some time to put together… So stop wasting time! Clothing and fashion mean different things to different people, so approaching this from several angles can work. A sexy outfit isn’t just for singles. Attached females may  [ Read More ]

Categories: Fashion

Good genes, great hair and designer clothing do not make a beautiful person. Beauty is a combination of positive attitude, inner grace and self-respect. While many people spend a lot of time and money on achieving beauty, it isn’t necessary. Some common sense tips can work just as well. Make healthy choices In my opinion,  [ Read More ]

Categories: Beauty Secrets

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is the best holiday year. I am constantly giving the love of my life not so subtle hints about what I would like to receive on my favorite day. Christmas and my birthday may come and go, but Valentines’ Day is what really counts. Whoever says that it was created  [ Read More ]

Categories: Fashion

Oh, beautiful beads! I love to wear them long, short, chunky or sleek. The new trends for 2012 are wide open with everything from Native American contemporary to Vintage Country Club. Let your imagination loose and bead up with style for the coming year. Versatile turquoise is still hot, hot, hot with me for this  [ Read More ]

Categories: Fashion

Spring is one of my favorite times of year; color is back, the sky is even more blue than usual and my cheeks aren’t the only things flushed with color. Beauty trends for Spring 2012 mean my cheeks won’t be my only facial feature flushed with color. This season, the hottest beauty look is for  [ Read More ]

Categories: Beauty Secrets

The most beautiful summer hairstyle ideas are simple up-dos. I know how hot and uncomfortable it can be trying to wear your hair down during the hot summer months. You spend all of your time trying to stay cool, so your hair doesn’t get wet with sweat and turn into a frizzy mess. If you  [ Read More ]

Categories: Hair Styles

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