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beauty tipsThe women of Italy have the art of being beautiful down to a science! In my opinion, Italian women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Generally, they have that thick dark hair, perfectly bronzed skin, and svelte figures. Then to top it off they all seem to have such confidence which really makes their beauty shine.

So what exactly are they doing to get these beautiful results? Good genes play a part in it, but women all around the world can learn a thing or two about Italian women and their lifestyle in order to feel and look more beautiful.

Italian women eat a diet rich in healthy ingredients like olive oil, fresh fish, whole grains and vegetables. They consume fresh produce and enjoy red wine that is filled with antioxidants. A healthy, balanced diet not only helps maintain a trim waistline, it can also improve skin texture and support the health of hair and nails.

Exercise goes hand in hand with good nutrition for keeping a slim figure. In Italy, most women walk to where they need to go each day. Daily trips to the market ensure that they are getting a daily dose of cardiovascular exercise. People who walk at least thirty minutes a day will not just look better, but they will feel better as well! Italian’s also know the art of getting a good night’s sleep. They fight tired-looking eyes and dull skin by sleeping eight hours each night and drinking plenty of water in the morning.

The biggest beauty secret of Italian women is their confidence. By holding their heads high and shoulders back, they emit an aura of beauty and grace. It is true that the better you feel about yourself the more beautiful you will seem to the world!

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