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A lot of things change over time, fashion is one of them. Funny enough a lot of styles are also reoccurring. Take leggings or the general trend for woolen apparel and natural colors the past few years for example. This can be seen very well in that picture of an old Otto catalogue from the year 1980. Well exclude the hairstyle perhaps. Luckily this is one thing that has changed a lot over recent decades. Anyone remembering all the ladies running around with that bubble-perm hairstyle? You know what I’m talking about.

Well even funnier than old catalogues are old video commercials. Especially after marketing in general, but especially video marketing has undergone a rapid development that has lead to lots of sophisticated marketing videos and commercials.

The following commercial from the Dutch Label Mexx from the 80s shows some of these “achievements” like fast cuts and super mega happy people doing all kinds of funny things. Anyone care to explain why he got a steamy pot on his head? Enjoy this one:

These following Barbie commercials are not less funny … stupid little girls getting addicted to Mattels plastic dolls. Just kidding, they have been justifiably part of nearly every girls childhood … nevertheless the commercials are nearyl scary ! Just have a look:

The Australians are nothing better as I had to experience. The term “Outback” gets a completely new meaning if you ask me! “Myer is fashion” … I think “Myer was fashion” hits the spot in this case! Very funny, take your time … it´s worth it:

“Ebony is not a Fake Tan” … it´s a “Sun Tan Accelerator”! Oh my god, this commercial is the absolute highlight in my opinion! Best thing about it: Why does a “natural” ebony woman with nice dark skin need a cream to get a “natural” ebony tan? Maybe you can enlighten me after watching this:

We hope you had a little fun with our commercials from the 80s. We´ll be back with more!

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