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Summertime!!! :) Its the time for hot weather, cool drinks, and swimming pools. Unfortunately, the season’s hot weather and fun activities can bring out the worst in your hair. High humidity causes the frizzies. Pool chlorine strips moisture from the hair and can even turn it green! And, of course, the heat causes you to sweat, making your hair dirty more quickly than in other seasons.

As I see it, in order to combat the damages caused by summertime fun and sun, you need to keep three hair care products in your arsenal.

Anti-Frizz Serum
If you live or vacationing in a high-humidity area, you may know all too well the heartache that frizzy hair can cause while trying to keep your hairdo looking sleek and smooth. To fight off the frizzies, I highly recommend purchasing an anti-frizz serum. When applied, this product helps to smooth down the shaft of each strand of hair.

Chlorine Shampoo
Nothing better epitomizes summer as cooling off in a swimming pool. Unfortunately, the more time you spend its chlorinated water, the more your hair is damaged. Severe damage from chlorine tends to turn your hair green! You can stave off this embarrassing predicament by washing your hair after you swim with chlorine shampoo, which is specially made to repair and prevent damage caused by excess swimming.

Gentle Moisturizing Shampoo
The heat of summer days can cause you to sweat profusely, requiring you to wash your dirty hair more frequently. Washing the hair too much can strip it of its natural oils and can actually cause it to dry out more quickly. I recommend choosing a gentle moisturizing shampoo to prevent damage.

Although summertime can take a toll on your hair, you should not let that stop you from enjoying yourself. By making sure you keep on hand my summer hair care necessities, you can still have fun outdoors and soak up the sun without risk to your hairs health and beauty.#

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